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Switch Triggered Rules

Switch Triggered Rules

It would be nice to have the ability to trigger rules with another switch.  For example, my daughter has a bathroom that is attached to her bedroom down a closet hallway.   I would like the ability to have it turn off her bedroom switch when she turns her bathroom light on.  When she gets in the shower she leaves her bedroom light on with a fan, wasting power, and she would forget her head if it wasn't attached.  Another thing to add, since the GE Switches support double tapping the on to do something else, it would be nice to have the ability to double tap the on for a stairwell light and it fire a rule to turn on lights in the upstairs bedroom, etc.  I know this can be done with ST so it has the ability for this feature.

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I agree it would be very nice to be able to turn on/off other lights when another light switch is turned on/off and it has been suggested before, though not implemented yet.  ST has the ability to do a different task when a switch is double tapped vs a single tap however I have never found it to be very reliable.  I don't know if it worked more consistently (if it was a communications issue on my end where the hub didn't see the two commands close enough together) or if it was that inconsistent for most.

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They have the ability to turn the program into so much more but the rules they have are so limited and inhibiting. They really need to develope rules that a more robust that work more like excel formulas and less like basic sentences for kids.