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Temperature and Energy Usage Plots - Like Version 1.0

Temperature and Energy Usage Plots - Like Version 1.0

Could we get temperature plots and energy plots back like we had with the  previous version? I used them all the time and really miss them. Also, please restore the Web interface, my old eyes really struggle with the app interface, and it's much more convenient for me to access it from the computer as that's where I spend my time.


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If they're not working on it, or even planning to anytime soon, I think it's pretty  misleading that we've been teased with an energy card saying "coming soon" for a year and a half now.   So, you advertise smart plugs as having energy monitoring, but have no intention of utilizing that?   Then why have I spent literally hundreds of dollars for smart plugs?   I feel pretty foolish.   I surely didn't put them on all of my appliances so I could turn them off, I bought them with the premise I would be able to see their energy usage historically.    Incredibly disappointing.   

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@kurtc wrote:

I have been waiting for a year to get functionality back of my Aeotec Home Energy Monitor which worked beautifully in Iris 1.x.  I was promised by support many times that it is coming, but have seen no progress.  Could we get this functionality back?  It shows up as an unkown device and having central home power monitoring was very beneficial to tracking and reducing energy usage.

We need an answer up or down from Lowes about this. This was one of the main reasons I went with Iris. 


How about it Lowes are we going to get Energy Monitoring or what?


I purchased the Blueline system (after having to search for it for a few weeks unless I wanted to buy a used unit off ebay which didn't have the wireless bridge) after I got my V1 system set up.  It paid for itself with being able to dispute my bill from my power company, who consistantly would over charge because they were not reading the meter properly.  First time I disputed the energy usage my power company claimed, and provided them with the readings from the V1 system, I had a refund back of almost $150 because of their error.  Now they are so careful to read the meter at my place, my usage matches to the Kw/h, on an analog meter.  

As a Lowe's employee, I can tell you exactly why there was no adoption of the feature.  The energy monitoring that you introduced in V1 was limited.  Sure, monitoring the usage of a plug was great, but if I wanted to monitor my entire home usage, I had to either spend weeks hunting down any one of your stores that happened to carry the "Blueline Monitor" or go to another alternative system to use just for whole home usage.  Why?  Because the Blueline units weren't sold but in a few "select" markets (took me 4 weeks of searching before I finally found out from a friend who works at a Lowe's in Seattle that they were stocked in one store in his district).  I spent time searching and found that out of the stores across the US, only about 40 total stores actually carried the Blueline unit (out of approx 1800 stores).  That's where your problem is with lack of widespread adoption.  


 I've done all the work just about for them for them to be able to reimplement the Blueline unit back into the hub with the breakdown of the packet data and formulas that are used on calculation.  The only thing that I can't do is write the code needed by the hub to recgonize the packets and to log the data.  

Even the Aeotec (which is Zwave) should already be able to work since the command classes are already implemented in the V2 hub (wether or not enabled might be different).  

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40 stores out of 1800? IRIS, this completely explains IRIS's "limited metrics." Essentially, no one could buy the product from you in the first place! Please rethink your position. There is a high correlation between smart home users and those interested in energy effeciency.   Please respond to the new comments in this thread. Thanks.


From irisByLowes:

"Re-introducing energy monitoring isn't something we're working on currently. According to our metrics on V1, we didn't see widespread adoption of this feature set. However, we would appreciate use cases for temperature graphing."


I'll give you one.  I used Iris smart plugs to control heaters in my pest control business for bed bug control.  I also used V1 contact sensors as temp reporting devices.  An integral part of this process is accurate temperature monitoring and historical reporting to my customer the heat conditions in the treated areas for a 96 hour period.


The lack of this feature in V2 along with the 105 degree limit on temp sensor rules has caused me to seek other means of device control and temp reporting.


Regarding your V1 Metrix on Energy Monitoring please consider the following:


The Iris V1 platform was released in July, 2012. I know because I bought my 1st hub and handful of devices on the day it was released in my local store. That puts the Iris platform at the early stages of modern home automation and way ahead in energy monitoring.  Someone else here posted as an employee the rollout of the BlueLine monitor was limited at best in store availability.  A “Smart Home” today involves the information being supplied to not only make our homes more automated and conveinant but to also include information empowering the consumer to make wise decisions allowing energy savings to be converted into cost savings.  The recent CES show was peppered with news stories about energy monitoring devices designed to provide this technology.


I’d like to suggest Lowe’s send a Survey Monkey to all users about the interest in energy monitoring and see how that changes the “Metrix”.  



Regarding the temp history and graphs... 


I was trying to add a rule to trigger my vent to open when it got close to the highest temp it normarly gets to when the heat is on but my heat wasn't running so I wasn't able to see what the max temp reached was over the last 24 hrs.


I used this to monitor the temp in my freezer and adjust it's settings accordingly.  I would regularly check on this to see the temp swings in the freezer.  When you have a half of beef in your freezer you want to be sure it stays frozen.


I also used this to monitor the temp in my well house.  I would use it to make sure my heater tape was being triggered on my pipes when the interior of the well house would get below freezing on extremely cold evenings over long periods of time.  I would plot this to see when it typically would happen so I'd know when to monitoring more closely.  


I used this to also monitor the temp inside of my boats engine compartment.  I would plot how many hours below freezing it would stay and had determined when the lake would ice over around the dock and when to trigger the ice eater so it wouldn't damage my boat lift and dock.  This item uses a significant amount of energy and I would often plot this usage in an attempt to lower the cost and amount of time it needed to be on relative to when the lake would ice over based on historical temps.

I have added this to my iris web UI -- Temperature chart 

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I think you wil be waiting a long time. There have been zero improvements and not one thing we lost has been returned to Ver 2. Lowes is in over their head and I am afraid the Pro version will be another fiasco.

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My use case - I use IRIS to control/monitor our 2nd home. In winter, outside temperatures are well below freezing, and monitoring temperature trend information (via the graphs) was the tool I used to determine if I  had the thermostat set too low or too high. Too low = frozen pipes, too high = significant money wasted on heating which does me no good.


An instantaneous temp isn't as useful, as it doesn't tell me when the temperature peaked or 'troughed', and at what value.


So this is important to me.