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Timer Switch

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Timer Switch

I have a Insteon Timer switch that operates on AA batteries and turns on outdoor lights at 6pm and shuts it off at 9pm

Programming this timer switch is archaic and cumbersome. And it only is capable of 4 programs


I would like a Iris device that can be programmed to accomplish this function. I would replace this Insteon device and go with Iris.

With rules - I could program all outdoor lights to turn on and alert neighbors of a threat incident along with alarm.

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You can do this with an Iris Smart Plug (indoors) or GE outdoor outlet using schedules for the device.  If you have switches for your outdoor lights then replace those switches with GE Z-Wave switches and you can automate those and schedule them as well if you want and have them all come on in the event of an alarm.

Thank you.


I searched your devices after posting and found that the GE switch does this. Thank you

Can this GE switch be programmed for on/off times? Say I want the outdoor lights to turn on at 6am and shutoff at 7:00. Then turn on at 6:00pm and stay on till 10:00 pm and other combinations depending on Day of the week ?


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Yes, this is one of the basic functions of Iris.

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How would I go about this? I cannot seem to find a rule the doesn't include some kind of alarm.

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You're not looking for a rule, it's a schedule.  Schedules for this function can be found under the Lights and Switches card.



Thank you All. This satisfies my requirement.