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Truly Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Truly Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera

I would like to see a battery operated indoor/outdoor camera offered. Running power outside is prohibitive.

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Depending on what climate you live in battery opperated cameras can be a great option or very frustrating.  If it gets below freezing around where you live most battery operated cameras will start to have issues between freezing and slightly below 0 and may stop working or disconnect, some reconnect fairly well when the temperature rises and some require a complete reset once warmed up.  If it never gets below freezing then the only downside is battery life, so then a swapable rechargeable battery pack is definately preferrable.  A POE indoor/outdoor camera would be good also since a Cat5e cable requires a tiny hole if run before the RJ45 connector is crimped on and should eliminate the cold wheater issues for the most part, although it should still support WIFI in case you just use an injector to power the camera be cannot easily run the cable all the way back to the switch.

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I need an exterior camera that is wireless, motion sensitive and is battery operated.  I want to connect it to my IRIS controller and access it from my iPhone.  I live in a high humidity area but rarely is cold weather an issue. I want to mount one camera on the front porch so it is protected from direct rain and another by the garage door where is has some protection from rain but could get wet.

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For security purposes wireless cameras are not very reliable.  Adding batteries as a power source just compounds the reliabilty issue. 

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Who cares if wireless cameras are not very reliable, that's determined based on application. Just allow ARLO/Ring/ etc etc.. camera integration. This simple act of programming takes all of the headache off Iris, as the weight of support (battery life, etc..) will be on the manufacturer. Just give people what they want.. Jeez louise, Smartthings has had doorbell and wireless camera integration for over 2 years now. Don't get me wrong Iris is a sold product, I've experienced Smartthings and they are a "nice toy" to play with. I call it a TOY because it's not a stable HA platform and I know this first hand because I'm a member of the SmartThings community and SmartThings platform has experienced outages over 20 times in the last 60 days. So if you want stability, Iris is your HA platform, especially now with local processing. Iris just needs to stop trying to make money on every item that "Works with Iris" by manufacturing the devices itself and allow the integration of 3rd party devices. I guarantee this will make Iris one of the most desirable HA platform on the market. Case and point, "Hubitat" is the newest HA platform on the market and their product is extremely promising. Hubitat offered local processing (out of the box) support 99% of devices that "Work with Iris" and not to mention all sorts of 3d party integration. That's the wave of the future BYOD for HA platforms.


I would LOVE to see a truly wireless indoor camera that runs off rechargeable batteries as well whether its IRIS's own product or integration with another manufacturers product such as Arlo. I hate wires anyway but especially on my cameras because of where I want to place them (which for me is on the walls) and then having to run a cable to an outlet. Speaking of which, why is almost all cabling black?? Wouldn't most people prefer white? I know I would, at least its a little more inconspicuous. Is there any place on this site where a feature request can be suggested just once but then anyone who is also interested in that feature can just "vote" that they are interested in that feature as well? Seems it would be nice for IRIS to know what kind of demand there is for a feature.

@ilikeiris - as for voting, they call it kudos on this forum. The thread starter for each suggestion has a kudo button (looks like a thumbs up similar to Facebook). As for cabling color choices, I can see that feature possibly adding to the cost of the products. As for wire-less outdoor camera, I would probably like that feature as well.
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Hi guys,


Just to update you, we are working on a wireless indoor/outdoor camera solution that will integrate with Iris. I can't give you an exact release date but think you'll hopefully be happy mid year some time.





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That’s awesome 👍🏽

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Any update on the new wireless indoor/outdoor cameras. It’s been 4 months 😊

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Hopefully by late summer/early autumn. Stay tuned :-)