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Turn Off Light/Device If No Motion For X Minutes

Turn Off Light/Device If No Motion For X Minutes

I have rules to activate all of my lights in the house based on various motion sensors which also shuts it off after x minutes of no motion but if a light is triggered with a scene or manually the light just stays on.   Why, because no shuts it off since they are use to the automation?   I do have the rule for a light/device to shutoff if on for x minutes to help for these occurances but that can leave you in the dark if there's still motion/someone in the room.   We need a simple rule to shutoff a light/device Y if there's no motion detected on X motion sensor for Z minutes.  I would then just have the rule to activate the light set to leave it on and then use this second rule to turn them off.   This would prevent the issue where you sitting in the dark and flapping your arms round to trigger the light to come back on.  Good thing no one can see me friously waving my arms around since I doing it in the dark. I swear sometime it seems like the light just shutsoff right when I walk in to the room if it was already on in some cases.


Also not sure what happened when I posted but only let me enter a subject.  I tried to go back and edit it but there wasn't an option to edit it so I had to comment.


Nevermind it worked today, yesterday it didn't have the option.

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I would like this option as well.  My wife has issues with migraines so I can not have some lights coming on automatically, I would like for them to go off if no one is in the room, however.


If you click the three dots on the right side of the post there is an option to edit your post.  Not sure if you didin't realize how to edit your post or the forum actually does not give you the edit option on your particular post.  I had to have some one point that out to me.


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I have 46 switches on the IRIS system. My number one complaint about their use is this programming issue. I often get left in the dark because of the time limitation. A setting that turns the switch off after x minutes of no motion would do great things for my family's low opinion of dad's "smart" lighting.

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This is so obvious that I assumed I could do it. I'm stunned that I'm unable to.


I have switches and motion detectors in our bathrooms, however we still have family members that will reach for the switch before the motion detector can see them... They leave the bathroom and as soon as I get in the shower it will shut off!
I have had to get into the habbit of turning the lights off and then let the motion detector turn it back on if I find the light is still on when I get ready to take a shower!
It would be nice if the motion rule would override the "if a light is on too long, turn it off" rule.

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Does the "No Motion, Turn Lights Off" rule found under Lights & Switches help meet this request?

No not if you have one light switch you're trying to keep on with two different motion sensors in a large area.  On v1 you could have a rule triger on motion A for light Z and then have a second rule trigger on motion B for light Z and as long as one of the two had motion triggered within the time set the light would remain on.

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Can you add an option to set the time of day that a rule applies.   I do not need the lights on during the daytime in certain rooms. 


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All rules can be ran on a schedule.  The option pops up at the end of creating the rule.