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Turn off airconditioner automatically when sliding door left open after 60 seconds

Turn off airconditioner automatically when sliding door left open after 60 seconds

I would like a rule that turns off air conditioner automatically or (inhibits it) when sliding door left open after 60 seconds.  We own a beach front condo that is a rental unit. All you would need is an IRIS thermostat and door or window sensors.


Sometimes renters will leave the sliding door to the balcony open while running the air conditioning.  This would save us lot's of money and extend the life of our air conditioner. 


 Agree with this one, may want to change it to 10 minutes instead of 1. Gives people time to unload a car, etc. 

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Please add this asap.  I love my iris system but this is a huge let down for me.  If this simple function cannot work with iris, it would be much less expensive to ditch iris and go with another company’s device.  The savings from one season alone would be worth the cost of another system.  For $99 I can buy a SmartThings hub which will work with all of my iris sensors and then I could make this happen.  

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I see this was requested over a year ago, and not sure why it hasnt been added yet! Im a full time RV'er and have had a complete iris platform installed in my rig for over a year now. Ocasionaly id like to air out the rig, or just want that nice breeze to come through, ill typically open up the door and turn on the fans only for the ac to kick on a few minutes later. Another idea to add would be for if we have the humidity rule set to also turn off the humidifier plug while the door has been open. this would be a major game changer for many homeowners. Imagine if the kids left the door open and i didnt have my phone in my pocket? a "dont cool the neighborhood" notification wont do me any good if i didnt see my phone until an hour later with the door open the whole time..