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Two-Way audio on cameras and other features

Two-Way audio on cameras and other features

The cameras have the capability to do two-way audio (door bell) and other features.  It would be great if the full capability of these cameras was available.


I agree, this is one of the last major features I'm looking for in the Iris cameras.  I use this with Amcrest camera's to to quite the baby if she wakes up at night, it works.  She must think the man in the sky is shhhuuushhing me, oh well.  I also use it to make the dog go outside if he's not went out to go for a while; the dog door's status it tells me when he's last went out.  I also use it as the door bell function as previously mentioned.


Camera's have the ability per their own API.  Iris just fails to implement it.

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Our current cameras don't have the available hardware to support this. However, we appreciate the use cases for this feature and will keep this in mind as we continue to expand our camera product line up in the future.

I've used this function on them so I know it works using 3rd party apps.  They have a mic and speaker you can plainly see on the device for some of them at least.

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They do have the hardware.  I too have made it work on ipcamviewer.


Is Iris by Lowe's just misinformed? Or do they think their users are stupid?.


I really wish Iris did not treat their end users like this. I know ... I know ... someone is going to say it was only one employee giving out bad info. But I have come across numerous employees giving out mixed and bad info. Who ever does the Twitter feed needs to get on the same page as the people who do this forum and tech support.


Of course the cameras have the hardware. USERS have gotten this feature to work on other platforms, so why can not Iris tech folks get it to work on their own platform?


I was told by tech support, months ago, that new cameras where coming. When in two years? The tech world needs to be able to upgrade quickly and advance.