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Water Leak Detector Turn Off Smart Switch

Water Leak Detector Turn Off Smart Switch

Please add a rule to turn off a Smart Plug when a leak is detected.  I need to turn my washer off if it leaks.  Thank you. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

You can use the rule "Smoke Detected, Turn Toaster Off" rule for this - in spite of the name, it lets you use any safety device, including a water leak detector to control a smart switch.

Frequent Contributor

My shop currently floods when it rains excessively for days and if/when my primary sump pump malfunctions I have another set up with a smart plug so I can turn it on/off while away. This rule will automatically turn the sump pump on preventing further damage to my shop.  I was going to suggest this idea for a new rule under water leak but this will work perfectly fine. Thanks for the question and answer!