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Water Softener App Ideas

Water Softener App Ideas

I had a few water softener ideas after using your water softener for 6 months to make the app somewhat more useful.

1. I would like to see water use on the app made to show 10ths  instead of just the digit (ie: 3.2 instead of just 3, 2.8 instead of just 2) as do some of your water softeners which show water use on the unit.

2. I would like an email or text that tells the day when recharging is going to take place (in my case to prepare the area of water drain).

3. I would like a longer history (possibly on another screen) so that we can see just how often recharging has taken place (more than just today and yesterday).  Even as much as 6 months or a year would be helpful.

4. A message for low salt would be helpful (maybe just once to not drive the user crazy).

Thank you,