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Why can we no longer migrate hubs?

Why can we no longer migrate hubs?

Unfortunately, I just read here that there is no automated way to migrate to the new hub.
I was planning to be the first in line to buy the new hub when it released, however, with 84 devices and COUNTLESS rules, I would never get the motivation to abandon my functioning setup and start all over. Please give Kudos if you would like a migration tool for the new WiFi hub.

Absolutely need. Don't have the patience to re-pair 100+ devices
Frequent Contributor

We went through the upgrade from version 2 to version 3...  Don't do it!  The new version was not worth it . I ended up moving all of our 93 devices back to the version 2 hub and returned the version 3 hub.  


The new speaker with voice was nice but...  The recording was horrible.  It sounded like whoever recorded the prompts did not have it done in a professional recording studio.  There is static in the background.  I would rather have it like an AI voice from Google or Alexa.  


Gen 1 and Gen 2 keypads have a delayed response.  The keypads do not react like they do with the version 2 hub.  30 seconds would go by before the keypads would respond.  When checking the status of the alarm from the keypad, knowing the alarm was armed in partial, the keypads would show Off.


This was just the start...  Let others deal with the hiccups and then upgrade after the hiccups have been worked out.  It was just not worth the headache.