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CT-101 Thermostat No Longer Available

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CT-101 Thermostat No Longer Available

One of my CT101 Thermostats died (it registers the temperature as 99 degrees even though it is only 62 in the room).   I tried a factory default and pulling the batteries and power for a day or so with no luck so I went to replace it and there are none in any of the 5 Lowes stores and they show as unavailable on-line.  Right now the Go Control, Honeywell or Nest are the only ones around.  Does anyone know if the CT-101 has been discontinued?  I am hesitent to go with the Go Control because i like to monitor humidity which I understand the Go Control does not do.


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Re: CT-101 Thermostat No Longer Available

Here is one on Amazon.  I use the CT101 at my house I am selling and I have been fairly happy with it, but at my new home I decided to try something different and went with a Nest.  


So far I am pretty happy with the nest.  I have to use a separate app to control it but it has many nice features and one more app in all the apps I have to run these days is no big deal.  Supposedly you can control it with Iris, but  I think I will just use it's native app.  


Also my Iris hub is still at the house I am selling to automate lights and control the CT101, so I can't test it with Iris to see what it can do.  I assume basically the same as what I had with my CT101 and the Nest app has better features. for scheduling and it works with Geo-fencing.