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Deleted Account Prematurely


Deleted Account Prematurely

After hearing of the iris shutdown this morning, I deleted my iris account prior to learning that the iris account was the method of completing the redemption process.  I attempted to call the local Lowe's store, who was unaware of any details of the redemption process. 

How do I go about completing the redemption process?  Can my account be reinstated, or is there another way?  Thanks for your time.

I have been on hold for 45 min with the Iris number and can't reache a singel person.

And no one a Lowe's seems to have a clue.




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Re: Deleted Account Prematurely

Can't answer your question, but I called at 10:30am EST  this morning and was on hold for about 20 minutes before someone picked up.  Some have mentioned that if you call after midnight you might get through faster, or maybe first thing in the morning..  The hours are until 8:00am to 1:00am I believe.