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How do I set up service?

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How do I set up service?

I let my service lapse when the gen 1 hubs were shut down.  I had received the gen 2 hub upgrade but never activated it.  I am now wanting to set up new service with the new hub, but my old login does not work since I never converted to the new hub and I do not see a way to try and register a new username to set up service.  Am I missing where to do this at?


Thank you


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Re: How do I set up service?

I would think if you have the hub just download the iris app on you mobile device and you should be able to set up your account.


Re: How do I set up service?

Couple of options to get started


1) You are going to need an resonably new Android or iPhone and download the iris app to the phone.  From there, you can see the SIGN UP tab.


2) Wait until the Web UI is deployed and hopfully it will have a sign up option.


3) If you like to tinker a little bit, you can download an Android emulator to your PC, download the iris app to the emulator and then use the emulator to access iris and the SIGN UP tab.

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Re: How do I set up service?

i purchased IRIS smart hub 18 months back, now trying to register...did they stop all new account registeration. The starter kit is going to be useless? are they gonna honor open source and let community support. 


First i need to create an account somewhere to use it? i call the support number and its been < 1 hour no one is picking up allmusic/ nice words you can go online and check out this /that