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Motion and contact sensor sale

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Motion and contact sensor sale

Gen 2 motion and contact sensors are on sale. All the stores in my area are out so last week I order online. I miss the email that says my order is delayed and if I don't respond in 3 days my order will be cancelled. I check my MyLowes account several times during the time period but there is no message there. Only the eamaiI which I missed and Lowes's cancel my order. So I go online and they are still available so I order 3 for $44.97. Then I go to checkout and see shipping is $144. That's not a typo. They want $144 to ship me three motion sensors. Last week it was free shipping. I call customer service and they explain that they are available for delivery only. Shipping is not available. Someone (not USPS, UPS, or FedEx) has to bring them to my front door and I have to sign for them so that is why the shipping charge is so high.  Can anyone from Lowe's explain to me the rational behind this policy?


Re: Motion and contact sensor sale

It's not specific to Iris products. This usually happens whenever online stock is gone.