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New WIFI Battery Camera


New WIFI Battery Camera

Would like to know how new style battery camera is performing. There is not much info regarding battery life on Lowe's customer ratings. How is picture quality daytime vs night? What temps are you using them in? Are you happy with range when camera turns on? Is the field of vision/angle wide enough? Are you happy with the IRIS program options for camera settings? Any info would be great.




Re: New WIFI Battery Camera

one menber under Bug Report states he is at 80% after 4 days with light usage so it looks like around 3 weeks on a charge depending on settings. 

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Re: New WIFI Battery Camera

Hey @Augie20


Here is some information you may find helpful. 

Video Resolution: 1080P (Can also be changed to 720P or 480P) 

Viewing Angle: 120° Wide

Operating Temperature 14°F to 113°F/ -10°C to 45°C

Indoor & Outdoor (weatherproof IP65 rated)

True Detect Motion Sensitivity (Max, High, Med, Low, Off)


I personally love the wide viewing angle on my new Wi-Fi Battery Camera (IRIS-BCAM-LW)! While there are many variables that can factor into battery life including resolution, how often it's used for live video streaming, how often motion activity is detected, etc. I have been using mine in a higher traffic area 1080P resolution generating 15+ clips a day and getting about 2.5 weeks out of the battery before having to charge. You can find the best settings that work for you and if you would like to extend the battery life, you can read more about how to extend battery life here by visiting the FAQs




Re: New WIFI Battery Camera

Thanks for the further information James!  These two bullet points caught my attention in the FAQs link you provided:



  • Your camera will last longer when you stream at a lower resolution. The fewer pixels that your camera has to stream, the less power it uses.
  • Your camera can operate over a wide temperature ranges, however, in freezing conditions, the battery discharges more quickly and will not hold a charge for as long as it normally would in moderate climates. 
  • Operating Temperature 14°F to 113°F/ -10°C to 45°C (in your post, not in FAQs)

Why are we purchasing a 1080P camera if they are recommending lower the resolution to extend the battery life?  Isn't that defeting the purcpose?  As for the temperature range, what happens when the temps dip below 14F?  We don't live in the coldest climate in the country, not even close, but we can dip below 14F up to15 nights a year.  We set local records of -16F one night followed by a ridiculous -22F the next night (rolling brownouts schedule by power company due to high useage).



Re: New WIFI Battery Camera

Hi everyone. Here is a little feedback on cameras. I installed 6 today at 2 places. Some inside and some outside. Pairing was pretty straight forward and went smooth. Battery life I will have to wait and see on. The cameras are nice looking and fit in nicely on a shelf inside or mounted on a porch wall or ceiling outside. The picture quality is quite nice and the viewing angle seems adequate. Magnetic mounts are very strong. 2 things to be aware of. First is a 3 pack kit only comes with 1 power cube but 3 usb cords. So be aware if you are using inside and want to keep powered up all the time you need to purchase a couple more power cubes. Also the group pictures on the web sites (Lowe's and IRISbyLowes) shows an outdoor secure mount on the second picture. That is not included in the package and is an additional cost.