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New WIFI Battery Camera

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New WIFI Battery Camera

I just go the new camera. Couple of questions

Would it perform better on 2.4 or 5 g?
If it detects motion and supposedly records up to 1 minutes, where do you view that recording?
Are other experiencing a lag when you go to live view? Mine is so slow to load, I’d find it not useful if I got an alert while away that motion was detected. By the time it would load, the thing that caused the motion alert would be long gone.

Thank you
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Re: New WIFI Battery Camera

5Ghz will give you faster speeds which is good for video, but reduced range vs 2Ghz. 

You can use 5Ghz extenders or run a mesh Wifi system to account for this. 


The more bandwidth you can provide, the better. And your equipment can  be a bottleneck. 

I run a TP Link AC3200 router, older Motorola modem which I will upgrade soon. 


I also plan to update to the TP Link Deco 5 or 9 mesh system.