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No indoor/outdoor cameras offered on your website

Community Manager

Re: No indoor/outdoor cameras offered on your website

@Terminal wrote:

No this is a V1 indoor only camera model RC8221(?), per the info from the device page.  I am not at home so I can't look at the camera. 


So after you asked this question and I re-read you response I guess this is for indoor/outdoor cameras only?  You say "We are gradually bringing this to all the existing cameras on the system"  so that is what made me think all the cameras.  After that statement in the same sentence,  however,  you say "so if you are patient this will be enabled for existing already paired indoor/outdoor cameras soon,"  So I guess only the indoor/outdoor?


Yeah, sorry my bad for not beein more specific in my phrasing. It is only the OC830, sold as the "Indoor/Outdoor Camera" for now