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We are trying to figure out how to change the person who is called it the alarm is triggered. My husband purchased Iris for his parents and he set it up so it only calls him.
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Re: Notifications



You can edit the notification list and order bu tapping "alamrs" in the app, the "More" and finally "Notification List"


By default only the person who set up the account is notified, but you can add additional users to be notified by tapping the "+" in the upper right of the main screen in the app (dashboard) and then tapping "person"


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Re: Notifications

Wait... so I just got off the phone with support and they told me I have to subscribe to the premium service to have more than 1 person on the notification list. I have 7 properties/places on Iris.... that’s $105/month for these alarms to call me and my wife at the same time. Come on.... workaround?
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Re: Notifications

The only workaround I can think of is to get a VOIP service if you don't have one like VIATalk or something else where you can have it ring multiple mobile phones at the same time on incoming calls.  This would only work for the phone calls, for the email messages youd have to create an email address they send to and have that auto forward to multiple emails.

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