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Please help me with arcus-smart-home ipcd-server


Please help me with arcus-smart-home ipcd-server

Hi, guys,

I want to run arcus-smart-home ios application
on my laptop, but something went wrong.

So what the problem I have:

I want to run an ios application in conjunction with ipcd-server
just to understand what features I can use and how app interface is look like.
I've successfully run ios app and also I've found
an instruction of how to run server quickly  'Reference Quick Start_v1.0.docx' 
In this doc you could see next information:
To begin working with the reference server, download the distribution file and decompress it using the tar command:
tar –zxvf ipcd-server_<date>.tar.gz

But unfortunately, I can't understand where I can take ipcd-server_<date>.tar.gz
I've tried to compile java code with Android Studio,
but I've got errors that I haven't got some dependencies on my system.

I am a little bit confused =(
Thanks in advance