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Questions Regarding Local Processing

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Questions Regarding Local Processing

The 2.7 release notes state:


"Places with a NYCE Tilt Sensor or uncertified devices are currently unable to participate in Local Processing. These devices have unique settings that require more development and testing before they are released. However, expect Places with a NYCE Tilt Sensor to receive Local Processing as an update in the upcoming months."


None of my NYCE Tilt sensors participate as alarm devices.  As well, I have a GE 40 amp zwave switch, which is not certfied.  Obviously this is not a security device.


Does this statement mean that I won't have local processing now unless I totally remove my NYCE tilt sensors and my 40 amp switch?


Also, are smoke/co and water leaks included in local processing?


Re: Questions Regarding Local Processing

Also, short of disconnecting my celluar modem and ethernet to test, is there any way to tell that local processing is enabled in the app?

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Re: Questions Regarding Local Processing

Last night I removed my v1 range extender, a SmartThings door sensor, and a GE Hinge Pin sensor to make sure I will get local processing.  Of those the SmartThings sensor was the only device that had been participating in the security monitoring.  I also turned off the alarm since it said the alarm had to be off also in order to get local processing installed, I'd love to be able to know when that is done so I can turn my alarm back on.  Also if water leak detectors are in the local processing is the water shutoff valve and rules for that?

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Re: Questions Regarding Local Processing



I wanted to hopefully clarify a couple things about non-compatible devices since there were a few questions. You only need to worry about devices that participate in the alarm system, such as the aforemention NYCE tilt sensor. "Removing" just means disabling it from alarm participation; you don't need to unpair it from Iris. Device that do not participate in the alarm system, such as switches, bulbs, and so on are not affected. As a reminder you can see the list of participating device in your alarm system by going to Alarms->Security in the app or Alarms->Manage Devices in the web UI.