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[CLOSED] Contest: Thanks for Participating in our Community!

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Re: Contest: Thanks for Participating in our Community!

I enjoy how easy it is to set up my new devices.  The system is so flexible I can add a few or several devices, deploy them in a few minutes and be up and working.  As we identify new needs or new products come out we can quickly add them to our Iris system.

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Re: Contest: Thanks for Participating in our Community!

With three homes,two being vacation homes and paying a lot for security systems, Iris seemed to be the right choice.  Now with four plus years with Iris I know it was the right choice. Some of the benefits are as follows: One home is a high rise condo and staff, at times, go in to check on heat in the winter (this is a summer home) and perform maintenance items.  With the indoor camera I am able to either watch live when I get a notification or review the clips. With the Schlage touchscreen lock, I can control who gets in as needed.  In addition for this home and our main home that we are not in during the winter the ability to monitor temperature with the motion detectors and contact sensors at different locations throughout the home Iris allows me to keep the temperature very low and save on the two heating bills.  This permits monitoring and confirming that I am not freezing pipes in any part of our home and condo not just at the thermostat.  The benefit list is long and I could go on such as insurane savings on our one monitored home etc, but suffice to say Iris was the right choice.


Re: Contest: Thanks for Participating in our Community!

FYI.  Get the new contact sensors.  Not the old ones.  Then you make them a door instead of a window.  Name them easily so you know that it really is a a window.  You can make them doors or windows.  Then under the doors and locks you can see if they are open or closed.  I never tested out if you can see if the windows are open or closed.  I don't think that you can.  If you make teh Contact sensor a door it tells you if it is opened or closed.