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Important Update about Iris Shutdown.


Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

You're logging into the Iris portal right?


If you aren't able to log into this, you should try calling their support line.



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Re: Iris Compatible Solutions

I agree....I ordered the Smarttings v3 hub and set it up this afteroon and in less than 15 minutes had loaded 10 devices from the iris platform....that was unpairing from iris and adding to smartthings....with 150 devices, I was excited to habe this happen!  It took me more than 15 minutes to get one device paired to Iris!  It never failed that it took 5 -6 tries to get a device paired!  If it paired on the first try, i knew it go offline in a matter of a couple of days!  Although I loved my iris system and had it set up for my needs, and was so aggreviated and stressed upon getting that message on the january 31, I am thinking it will be a good move.  I am liking some of the features I am seeing so far... I am sure there will be things that I will miss about Iris, but i am trying to keep and open mind and move forward!  But I am thrilled these devices are loading easily!  Time will tell about the rest of it. 

Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

Vista Cards are on the way

Iris Web Portal

Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

@matrox wrote:

I have been a user of the Iris system for over 4 years.  I am sure the shutdown was a financial decision.  For me, I am just thankful that Lowes has enough respect for their customers to give us our money back so that we can put together another system.  This shows me that the company cares and for that reason I will stay with them.

Honestly, I doubt that if Home Depot was in the same position as Lowes, that they would refund your investment.

Think about that before you go off half cocked.

Tom Dadian

To be honest, I agree that Lowe's was somewhat generous in paying us back for the non compatible devices..   Unfortunately, that was a LOT of my system..  leaving me with over a dozen cameras (3 of which were unpaired) that are soo to  be worthless..   or find a system to which some of them may still be useable..


As for the gift card....  I was told the max limit on it was $2k.. so, if you are over $2k to expect multiple cards..  multiple shipments to worry about and track and be home to sign for or drive to pickup...   those extra unpaired cameras?   $300 max... and yes, that will also be a seperate gift card..


As for the gift cards.. 

I'm not holding my breath until they actually show up in my hand..   Has anyone received one yet?  A year from now? Maybe?    Then I have to find a place to use or loose it..  as I'm sure they'll only be good for a specified amount of time.


Re: Iris Compatible Solutions

@Vettester wrote:

@ryandatl wrote:

Hours of researching alternatives, here's what I've come up with in terms of IRIS products compatibility. Anyone have any thoughts or anything I left out? If you reply to this thread, I'll check periodically and update with your research, too. Many thanks. Nothing compares to IRIS, as we're seeing.

IRIS 2-13-19.png

Even though it is not available yet, the developers of SystronicsRF have plans to checkoff the majority of the boxes on your spreadsheet.

I've attempted to contact them, since they were looking for some Beta folks.. but have yet to hear back..  I'd like to see this work out..   Camera's too..  tho, I'm worried they won't..


Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

@jbkerner wrote:
I've moved almost all of my devices to Smartthings, except for two glass-break sensors, my gen2 keypad (supposed to be a device handler for it, but I haven't yet learned how to add device handlers), and a Bosch motion sensor (RFPR-ZB-MS). While ST will integrate *most* Iris devices, there's a steeper learning curve.

A note about cameras: many of my cameras are intentionally inaccessible, so having to recharge them every 3-6 months isn't an option. While the Arlo Pro 2 cameras can be hard-wired for power, doing so necessarily makes the camera an "indoor-only" camera. There seem to be no indoor/outdoor cameras designed for hardwired power that'll work with ST. I may have to go with another system for cameras.

It was pretty awesome that we could use the camera motion sensors to trigger the recordings, and other devices as well as notifications too if desired..  Then they finally added audio to the Indoor/Outdoor cams..   I'm finding it difficult to find replacements that will maintain the current functionality...  not to mention, all the holes I drilled mounting and getting wires up to them for power etc..


Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

@Augie20 wrote:

Kato is 100% right guys!! Lowes doesn't have to give us a dime!

Take a stroll down memory lane - 

First computer = TI99

2nd = Commodore 64

3rd = Packard Bell (still smiling at that one)

4th = Apple llc

5th - I don't know how many? = IBM, HP, Gateway, Self Builds, desk tops, laptops and so on...

More versions of windows than I can remember!! Most upgrades required a better computer to work correctly!!

I don't remember Steve Jobs or Bill Gates ever offering me a gift card!!!

So as technology changes and companies make decisions based on the bottom line - things change!!

I will take whatever Lowe's eventually sends me and be happy and move on. 

I do find it funny though that all the IRIS bashing I have read over the last year seems to be worse now that they are shutting down.

Maybe they were a lot better than a lot of you gave them credit for!! I think they were.

I've said since getting IRIS it is/was the best system out there covering all the bases. 

I do go along with those that think Lowe's marketing was very poor for a terrific product.

It is puzzling why they couldn't sell it or merge it into/with another company.

I didn't think Lowe's would just pull the plug on us either...  but they did...

I mentioned earlier..  I'll believe the gift card when I have it in my hands..


Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

@Dan87 wrote:

When I first learned of the news that Iris was being discontinued I was really upset, as many people are/were.  I felt kind of betrayed, like something I relied on was being taken away and I had no idea how I was going to make everything work again after having probably hundreds of hours into setting up my home automation/security systems.   It was an overhwhelming feeling initially.  Honestly though, now after about two weeks and having time to setup and use Ring for Security, and Smart Things for the Home Automation side of it, I am kind of glad I was forced to make the switch.   I didn't really "know what I was missing."   These two other systems, in my experience, since setting up have been great.   Both have a lot more functionality and customizations that are possible and both seem like much better thought out products.  Especialy Ring for the security side of it.  It is actually very responsive and feels more like a professional product, and less like a "toy" and I haven't had false alarms like I did with Iris quite often.  I was really ticked off in the beginning, but now, after finally deciding on two products, and having them set up fairly well and using them, I can honestly say so far, I am not missing Iris.   Sorry, not sorry.  The user community however has been great to work with and learn together on all things home automation.   Sometimes things just run their course I guess, but I'm feeling a lot more at peace now that the "uncertainty" aspects are mostly taken care of for me and I've worked with what else is out there a bit.  I just hope that Lowes sticks to their word of providing the redemptions for products not compatible with any other service. 

In addition to my Iris cams..  I had 1 additional Ring Cam..  and I can honestly say that not much gets past that Ring Cam..

it was a nice combination (Iris/Ring) tho I had only wished I could intergrate them together..   While the Ring Spotlight Cam is nice..  there are some functional issues that I've asked for, but still waiting for them to see if they will provide (eventually)

Like the ability to turn Zones on/off without having to load the live view....     the other thing, if you think it's real time.. forget that.. often time, by the time it loads on my cell phone.. the action has long since left..   it's best to just wait and view the recording..  (in my findings)


Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

@karenr wrote:

I just spoke with a tech support person. Add everything you have onto your account and call them so they can "see" them to verify they exist and they will add the value to your redemption credit.

$300 MAX unless you want to try to contest it..   and then wait..   they said no guarentee that you'll get anything if you opt to contest it..   I settled to take the $300..  where as if online prior to 1/31 it was $645..    I figured take it while they are offering it..   assuming the gift cards actually arrive as promised.. 


Re: Iris Compatible Solutions

@Kato wrote:



Looks like you have a very similar device setup as I do.  I am currently testing everything with Hubitat.  So far, every device except the Gen1 devices has paired with Hubitat and is working.  With the exception of the Leaksmart valve, I have paired all of the items you listed above.  Hubitat is local, not cloud based.  It seems very responsive and has a lot of configuration options.


I am also interested in Systronics but since their still in a testing phase, I wanted to try something now.

As much as  I'd like to get started, I have to hold with a stable and working system until we return from a business trip in March..    we count on this system with the petsitters and to look in on the pets..   so, I wait patiently..   tick tock..