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Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

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Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

With many higher end cameras you can lock access to certain IP addresses only or range of addresses.  The port you use to manage/view a camera will always be open to those addresses allowed but still require credentials to connect.  If your concerned about security you should turn off UPNP and all forwarded ports and see if your router has a VPN server capability ASUS and a few others do and will allow you to VPN into your internal network from anywhere without forwarding ports so it is much more secure but depending on your camera monitoring system it may limit some functions like Geofencing in Blue Iris.  You can get around that with BI Fusion 3.0 integration on SmartThings or BI Control integration on Hubitat.

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Re: Important Update about Iris Shutdown.

Thanks @Terk!