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In response to Lowe’s announcement to sell Iris

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Re: Iris Compatible Solutions

I haven't tried it on a Windows machine as I use it on my iPad or iPhone but Here is the download, not all routers can host an OpenVPN tunnel but worth getting one that can if your concerned about security (ASUS makes it pretty easy and has been the most stable router I've had so far).  I have 2 of my 4 SmartPlugs working as Z-Wave repeaters without a DTH but pairing them was a bear which is way I didn't bother with the other two.  I had my Iris v1 cameras on ST for a while but could only get live video and still shot recordings to work so I gave up on them.  I was going to add them to my BI server but decided to get better low light cameras, so my 4 Iris cameras are sitting unused at the moment.  I can view my BI cameras in ST but the BI app is so much better I never use them through ST and just rely on the ST integration for changing modes.  Arlo when integrated worked ok but you would loose zone capabilities and the night vision didn't work right when triggered by ST so I have always used them seperate and just arm/disarm them with ST/IFTTT but use the Arlo app to live view and review recordings.  I never did get any of the glass break sensors although still think about it occasionally.

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Secondary Platform: Android 6.0 tablet

Re: Iris Compatible Solutions

thanks for the additional info and the link to OpenVPN.. router tips etc..

I'm and Android guy so will have to see what they have and if anything will work there.


As for the router, currently all we have it the AT&T Arris Hub..   I'm surprised that it did so well with the 13 Iris Cams and 1 Ring Spotlight Cam..  (lol)  2 are actually hardwired since they sit near the  hub..  so as to easy some of the wireless load..


The Ring has been OK..  it don't miss much..   but it too has it's limitations..   it has trouble switching between IR and not..

sometimes I get a split..  half black and white, half color..   I think it depends on the sensors in the camera..   I inquired about it and they said they've never seen that happen before..    but never offered to replace it..  I never pushed on it..  figured the next one might do the samething..   the Iris cams were inexpensive..   3 of which I had set back for a future second property..  so, only paired them after the shutdown notice..   while they were still new in the box I had them awhile and no longer had receipts..  so, when they offered me $300 Max for my unpaired items.. I wanted to cry, but took it..


One of the complaints I saw on the Arlo was the nighttime vision on them..    My Iris are actually not too bad..  the Indoor Outdoor were much better than the Gen1 cams..   then they added the Audio last fall too.   kinda cool.


I'll have to look around, but the TinyCam App is pretty cool..   I just need to figure out the remote access options..   and see what I can do..   kinda waiting to see what the Open Source Iris might bring (before I tear all this stuff down and replace it)

I had mostly Gen1 sensors..   so, bought up a bunch of Gen2 (Ebay) to replace so as to make the move to ST..   (maybe Hubitat)


That Glass Break Sensor was yet another device I had trouble with early on with Iris..  I never had any trouble with the v1 Hub.. but afterwards, nothing but trouble with the Zwave devices..   My lockset, my GoControl and the Glass Break..   it was like round robin on the disconnects..   I tried Zwave GE switches and couldn't keep that paired to save my tail..  (walk the hub etc..)  Finally pulled it out and put in all ZigBee and was fine with those after that..   then suddenly, all was stable for the last year or so...   just in time to pull the plug..   I keep thinking that come April 1st, they're gonna tell us it was just a joke.  lol


As for the Glass Break..  it paired up with Smart Things, no problem..  but I couldn't use it.. until I added the DH for it..   now I can pick it with my other sensors..    (problem is, pretty hard to test to see if it really works)


I have the Iris Obit Timer then too..   I see Hubitat will support that..  currently, it appears I can still use it but will have to program it manually now..  no more remote garden watering..  but that was nice to have for vacation time etc.. 


Thanks for all the other tips and tricks..




Re: In response to Lowe’s announcement to sell Iris

My general electric global 'INTRAnet' team builtout the first corperate network .AS the GE Global research center's  ' engineering lead I know a bit about ' informaton networks. Bottom line on LOwes IRIS in my opinion.. THey did not staff with information networing techs.. I thinks very good lumber skills in charge of the product.


Re: In response to Lowe’s announcement to sell Iris

I thinks you are a dumb **edited**.

Re: In response to Lowe’s announcement to sell Iris

Thanks to all of the Iris team.  It's been a fun journey and best wishes to all.

The original Iris forum is stronger than ever and we welcome all to visit for all things home automation and security.