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Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.4


Re: Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.4

I was looking forward to the History showing  the name of the person who unlocked a door like it did before.  I'm not sure if that's the "user door unlock fix" referred to by the previous post, but tech support told me it would be back in this release.  Did this not make the release, or am I doing something wrong? - UPDATE- The name of the user who unlocked the door IS appearing in the History.  The first time I tried it didn't work, but subsequent entries are working just fine.  THANKS for bringing this back!


Re: Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.4

I worked with Josh and the developement team after 2.4 came out and didn't fix this issue. As of August 11th it looked like things were fixed. They are on the water sensor side but I discovered something new now. I decided that I should just test my entire sytem to see how things are working. I decided this is a good idae every time a new app version comes out. Below are the results.


On August 13th I tested my security alarm in the on and partial mode with a contact sensor and a motion sensor. Everything worked like it is supposed to. I tested my water sensor and it worked like it is supposed to. The only device that operated was my washer plug turned off and I received an email. I do not have a water valve.


The problem occurred when I tested a smoke detector with a candle. I haven't ever done that before. All of the programmed device turned on. My furnace turned off at my thermostat. (A new feature that came out in 2.4) The thing that worked wrong was my washer plug tuned off. The only thing that is supposed to operate the washer plug is a leak sensor. So now the smoke detector thinks it is a water sensor too. Although this isn't as bad as a leak sensor thinking it is a smoke detector on my system it is still bad. If someone had a water valve on their system it would turn the water off when the smoke detector goes off. If they wanted to use a hose to put the fire out they couldn't. Please let me know when this gets corrected and I will test my system again. Hopefully this doesn't take another four months. I would say it is quite a liability issue for Lowe's if the IRIS system turns someone's water off if they have a fire.

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Re: Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.4

Please note that "EcoWater Water Softener Excessive Water Notifications" should actually be "Whirlpool Water Softener Excessive Water Notifications