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Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.6

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Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.6

Release 2.6 contains the following enhancements


Enhancements for managing door locks and garage doors that are jammed or obstructed

  • Door locks connected to Iris now display a jammed message when the lock is obstructed.
  • Additionally, garage doors connected to Iris now display an obstruction message when something is preventing the door from closing.
  • Users can view obstructed or jammed door locks and garage doors through:
    • Push notification
    • E-mail
    • History log
    • Error notification in the Doors & Locks card



New Google Home Features

In addition to the 2.6 enhancements, Iris users can now activate scenes and manage thermostats using the Google Assistant.

  • See which voice commands activate features with Iris and the Google Assistant in our latest blog.
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Re: Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.6

It has taken all these months for just THAT? You are the slowest people I have ever dealth with. So many other companies are entering this particular market at high speed, and your company just seems to sit around. GET BUSY!

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Re: Iris App Release Notes: App Release 2.6

I am in NYC and stilll waiting for professional monitoring so totally agree, while the competition has it from day one.

49 states have professional monitoring but not my neck of the woods. Tired of :

iris err.jpg




like the app and the product but waiting on it to let me know from the keypad which door are window was open eg. when i open the front door i should here on the keypad staying front door and if it was the back it would say back door


Re: update

Wow!!! We might understand what you mean but you really need to proof read and use spell check. I am going to sound like a broken record here but I wish one of these updates would bring back landscape view to the iPad. Like I have said many times. It was removed with 2.2. Why? Better yet why can’t someone from IRIS at the very least respond to my question. Why remove something that was working? I challenge anyone from IRIS to respond to this with some kind of answer even if it is a bad one. That would be better than nothing. Dos anyone from IRIS check this daily? I would hope so or just get rid of Community. I would expect to see an IRIS support comment on this site every day or it is a useless way to communicate. Why not just call the support line instead?

Community Manager

Re: update



We removed the landscape mode on iPad because there were several display and functional issues with it and rather then have it "kind of" work (and not be optimised at all for the iPad landscape display) we disabled it. That said, it would be good to hear why folks might prefer landscape mode - what are your reasons for wanting the app to work in this mode?


May I also suggest the web interface - it looks great in landscape mode on the iPad, and while we know we are not yet at full feature parity between web and native mobile app, we are working to get there so please give it ia try if you haven't lately.



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Re: update

It would work much better in landscape mode when iPad is wall mounted.  It is also more convenient since most tablet/iPad stands are designed for landscape mode.  This mainly affects camera viewing for me.  Start in portrait mode, select camera, rotate to view camera.  Also, with multi-tasking on iPad now, you should be able to keep 2 apps open when in landscape mode.  Many people in this community have more than one HA system/app.


Re: update

I don't always have access to my computer to use the web portal. When I use my iPad it is in a case with a keypad sitting horizontally. When I open the IRIS app I am viewing it side ways. I have to pick it up then with my keypad hanging to one side which is very awkward. When I open a camera shot I have to turn it to get a larger view. What used to be a one finger operation in landscape view now becomes a two handed operation. I have to actually pick up my iPad and hold it and turn it back and forth. All I had to do before was tap it with my finger. The IRIS app is the only app I have that functions this way. Like I have said before. This is a quite a bit behind the times.


Re: update


I was once told by a priest (who was a lawyer) not to engage with pigs because you'll just end up getting dirty. 


I dont understand why people are so rude on here??


Cmon guys! Don't you remember the golden rule? What about "you get more flies with honey?"


Or do we just have a lot of trolls in this community?


Using two hands versus using one finger doesn't really equate to "meaningful use" and therefore probably won't make the cut when it comes to updates. 


Also, complaining about spelling errors, while making spelling errors, means you lose credibility. 


TRY to be a good community member before complaining, it's socially responsible. You have a feature issue that isn't present, suggest it in the feature suggestion with a "meaningful use" that would make the Iris team interested in applying it to the next update.


Re: update

I'm basically saying we understand the message but there is a spell check feature that can be used. It is hard to find but it is in the left hand corner. As for asking for an update, I'm not. The landscape feature was there form the beginning of V2 and disappeared with update 2.2 without an explanation. I have asked a number of times why and could they please bring it back. Mike S from IRIS is the first person to ever respond to this and we're on 2.6. As for using two hands instead of one finger your response isn't a very good one. Why use two hands when you shouldn't have to. I don't use two hands to drink out of a glass of water or two hands to use a fork to eat.  I could be doing a lot of things with my other hand while using one finger on my iPad let alone reducing the chance of dropping it anytime I pick it up and turn it from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical. I could actually drink out of a glass or eat while tapping my iPad with one finger. It could just sit on my desk while I tap it, move to another task without setting it down again, and then return to the app when I want to. Right now I have to finish everything on the app before I set it down again. If you have an iPad give it a try and you will see what I am talking about.