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Iris April 2018 Release Notes

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Iris April 2018 Release Notes

Iris April 2018 Release Notes


Platform Version 2.11 - What’s New


Changes to Sign-Up Process to Confirm Email Addresses:

  • The Iris account sign-up process has been updated to require an email address confirmation.
  • This will protect against users accidentally entering an incorrect email address as well as confirming they own the email address used for sign-up.
  • Note: Customers using apps older then 2.10 will continue to sign up without requiring email confirmation.

 Official "Works With Iris" support for four Sengled Element light bulbs:

  • Iris now supports:
    • Sengled Element Classic A19 Dimmable, Element Classic BR30 Dimmable, Element Plus A19 Tunable White, and Element Color Plus A19 light bulbs. These are all ZigBee bulbs.

 Generic Z-Wave Driver for Switches and Dimmers:

  • A generic driver has been added to Iris so that any Z-Wave switch or dimmer can be paired as an uncertified device and will be useable from the apps or web site.

 Support for GE In-Wall Capacitive Touch Dimmer Switch:

  • A driver has been added for the Z-Wave GE In-Wall Capacitive Touch Dimmer Switch (model ZW3009) to allow it to be paired with Iris.

Bug fix - Care Alarms:

  • When an audible Care Alarm is cancelled, all keypads will stop sounding as expected.


Web UI Version 2.11 - What’s New


Pairing flows for many more Iris devices added:

  • Support has been added for full pairing flows from the web UI for many more “Works With Iris” devices, including all ZigBee, Z-Wave, Sercomm, and IPCD devices. 

Support Added for Z-Wave Tools:

  • Z-Wave device removal and the option to rebuild your Z-Wave network have been added to the Web UI.
  • They are accessible from the Devices tab, under "Z-Wave Tools."

Styling and layout fixes:

  • Numerous minor display issues have been addressed.


Android and iOS App Versions 2.10 - What’s New

  • Both the Android and iOS 2.10 apps have been updated with the new Account Creation flow which includes the email verification steps described above.
  • Note: iOS 2.10 is expected to release within the next couple weeks


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Re: Iris April 2018 Release Notes

George: Thank you for the update! Can you explain further what "full pairing flows" are?