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Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

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Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

What's New in the Iris 2.12 Platform:


More Generic Z-Wave Drivers

Iris has added additional generic Z-Wave support for Fan Controllers, Sirens, Door Locks, Thermostats, and Garage Doors.


What's New in the Iris 2.12 Web UI:


Additional devices supported for pairing

Iris has added support for pairing devices that use cloud integration from the Web UI, for example Nest and Honeywell.


Lawn and Garden Support

Iris has added support for the Lawn and Garden service from the web UI – you can now set up schedules for your sprinkler system or hose timer, manually water, define your zones, etc.


What's New in the Iris 2.11 Mobile Applications:


Android bug fix

Video snapshot images shown in the camera card now display the full image captured by the camera.


iOS bug fix

Further improvements handling user authentication to make logging in more reliable, especially when using biometric authentication.


Enhanced pairing (iOS and Android)

In both iOS and Android, pairing devices has been enhanced. The apps now have an entirely new pairing UI that uses more color and is easier to read and follow. The apps feature more intelligent status updates during pairing, a better post-pairing experience, and better troubleshooting advice when things go wrong.


- When adding a device, select a brand by selecting one of the large color brand logos. There are three built-in filters, "All Products", "Hub Required" and "No Hub Required."


- Tapping the magnifying glass icon on the upper right will bring up an intelligent search function that allows free-form searching (for example "button").


- “Advanced User Pairing" link is now located at the bottom of the list of manufacturers. Tapping this link will enable advanced users to place the hub directly into pairing mode without selecting a specific device to pair.


- Selecting a specific device will bring forth the new pairing wizard, which will walk you through the device setup process step by step.


- Once you have tapped the "Start Searching" button, the hub will go into pairing mode. At any time while the hub is searching for devices, you can tap the "Go to Dashboard" button to end the pairing process and return to the dashboard.


- If Iris can’t find your new device, a "Troubleshooting Tips" screen will be automatically shown, providing basic tips to help pair devices. Additionally, the option to factory reset the device being paired will be displayed.


- If a device doesn’t pair properly, the option to attempt to fix the mis-paired device will be displayed right in the pairing wizard, avoiding the need to manually “clean up” mis-paired devices (“New Device 1”).


- After pairing, the Iris app will guide you through the process of naming your new device, adding it to the favorites, and if it is an alarm device, adding it to your alarm system.

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Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

For those curious about timing, the Iris platform and Web UI have already been released. The Android app is in the midst of a phased roll out, currently at 50% in the Google Play Store and heading towards 100% soon (Iris, and many other app developers do phased roll outs as a way of catching any last minute bugs). The iOS release should roll out in the next week or two.



Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

When you say that support for paoiring devides that use cloud integration from the Web UI like Nest has been added, does this mean i can now add devices such as the Nest smoke & CO detector?

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Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes



This is referring to the Nest thermostat only.



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Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

What about the latest update I just recieved? Information about it?


When are you gonna tell us about V3 hubs and new devices?

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Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes



There will be a formal announcement soon. Meanwhile I posted some informal notes in that thread.




Re: Iris June 2018 App Release Notes

I would imagine, with Lowe's being a NC based company they likely had some delays with the V3 launch due to flooding and other issues caused by Hurricane Florence.
Now we have the remnants of Hurricane Micheal coming through and I'm sure that's not helping everyone get back on schedule.
My guess is this was supposed to be an early October launch but got pushed out. There have been a lot of logistics issues in NC with the flooding and road closures. This has caused a nightmare for freight companies, as well as employees getting to work. I know everything was shut down here on the coast for a while. I don't think Moresville got it as bad as places like Wilmington or New Bern, but I'm sure they were impacted to some degree.