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Iris Release Notes: App Release 2.1

Community Manager

Iris Release Notes: App Release 2.1

Iris Release Notes: Release 2.1 (iOS & Android)


Release 2.1 for iOS 8.0 or later, for iPhone 5 or later

Release 2.1 for Android 4.1 or later


Release 2.1 (iOS & Android) Details:


Release 2.1 for iOS & Android both contain the following user facing enhancements:


  1. Updated Dashboard View
    • Enjoy a cleaner dashboard. With an improved navigation experience, you’ll get a clearer view of what’s going on in your home. We’ve made improvements to the scroll features & favorites bar and consistently aligned content for smoother readability and consumption


  1. Enhanced Alarm Experience
    • Alarm Tracker™ provides up to the moment updates about your alarm event and allows you to track your Security, Smoke, CO and Panic alarm activity every step of the way. Get peace of mind knowing help is on the way in an emergency situation and access Alarm Tracker™ anywhere, anytime right from the Iris app.


  1. Changes to Safety & Security for Release 2.1
    • Safety & Security cards are merging into one seamless alarm experience. Everything you need to manage your safety and security settings in one convenient place for a simpler user experience.
    • Upon upgrade to 2.1 of the apps, your Security Alarm notification list will take precedence over the Safety Alarm notification list. Please check your Alarm Notification list to make sure you have the correct people on your list.
    • Alarm requirements settings are changing. The Alarm Requirements setting will be unique to “On” and “Partial” modes. This new feature will give you more customization and control of your Security Alarm.
    • Entrance Grace Period Countdown is now displayed in the app.
    • Bypassed "open/close" devices will now re-enroll as a participating device if the device is open during the exit grace period.
    • Your Iris Garage Door controller will now be eligible to participate in your Security Alarm. You will be able to manually add your Iris Garage Door controller in the Iris app to participate in your Security Alarm.


  1. New Device Support: Springs Window Fashion Blinds
    • Added support for connected Springs Window Fashions shades including:
      • Cellular Shade
      • Roller Shade
      • Virtual Cord Remote
      • Basic Remote
        • Available in select Lowe’s stores, custom order only
  1. New Device Support: Bosch Pet Immune Motion Sensor
    • Added support for 2 variants of Bosch’s pet friendly motion sensors:
      • Bosch Radion PIR Motion Sensor
      • Bosch Tritech Motion Sensor
        • These devices are not currently available through Lowe’s retail or online







Re: Iris Release Notes: App Release 2.1

It crashes over and over, will not load. I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, and still won't load. It gets to where it looks like it is loading favorites and crashes out. I can switch to another property quickly before it crashes but as soon as I go to my house it crashes again. I went on the webportal and removed all favorites and it still crashed. iOS 10.3.1 iPhone 7+
Community Manager

Re: Iris Release Notes: App Release 2.1

We are currently aware of an issue that's causing some user's iOS apps to crash. Our team is working to resolve this as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We'll continue to update you on this as soon as we can.