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Iris Release Notes: Release 1.0 Web Portal

Community Manager

Iris Release Notes: Release 1.0 Web Portal



On 3/8/2017 the following item is being released:



Supported Operating Systems (OS) & Browser Details:


  • The Iris Web User Interface (Web UI) works on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer/Edge. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version to have the best and most secure experience.



Web Release 1.0 Details:


Release 1.0 contains the following user facing features:


  1. Manage Your Account/Settings
    1. Use the Iris Web UI to modify/review any of the following personal information:
      1. Account Contact Info (ex. E-Mail, Phone Number, change Password, etc.)
      2. Billing Information (edit payment options, billing address, etc.)
  • Service Plan (modify existing Iris Service Level)
  1. Invoices (view historical invoice information)
  2. Security Question (modify your previously selected security questions)
  3. Change PIN Code (make changes to existing PIN code)
  • Push Notifications (alter your selections to receive push notifications from Iris)
  • Marketing Information (change your elections to receive marketing information from Iris)
  1. Delete Iris Account
  1. Manage Rules
    1. View/Edit/Schedule Your Existing Rules
    2. Add New Rules via Rules Library
  2. Manage Scenes
    1. View/Edit/Schedule/Run Your Existing Scenes
    2. Add New Scenes
    3. Select to be notified via mobile push notification when a specific scene runs
    4. Manage Favorite Scenes from Favorites Bar on the Web UI dashboard (Iris Premium Users Only)
  3. Favorites (Iris Premium Users Only)
    1. Display All of Your Favorite Devices/Scenes
    2. View status of Favorite devices and make changes to Lights & Switches devices directly from your dashboard
  4. History
    1. Iris users can view their most up to date events via the History view contained as part of the Iris Web UI dashboard view
    2. Users can filter their history to show all history, show history by specific day or by specific device
  5. Lights & Switches
    1. View & Actuate your devices directly from the Iris Web UI
      1. For all devices participating in your Iris system as part of the ‘Lights & Switches’ service (such as connected bulbs, Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch, Iris Smart Plug, connected light switches, dimmers and fan controls), users may control these devices as they normally would via their Iris mobile app
      2. For example, users can change the state of a device (on/off), control fan speed of a connected fan switch, modify the color temperature, RGB properties, and brightness of properly capable connected bulbs, etc.
    2. Device View
      1. View all of your Iris Devices
        1. For all Lights & Switches devices, users will be able to actuate the devices (for example, turn on/off, modify brightness, color, color temperature, etc.)
        2. For other devices, users will be able to view common device state (ex. temperature for device with temperature capability, thermostat running status, view open/close status and battery life when available, device offline status, etc.)
  • Users can also modify the name of their devices, change favorite status of devices* and access device information they would normally see as part of the ‘More’ section in the Iris app (accuracy of information is only guaranteed for devices NOT marked as part of the ‘beta’ functionality)
    • Devices such as Contact Sensors can also be designated as a door, window or other.


*Favorites are part of the Iris Premium Tier of service and only available to Iris users subscribed as a Premium user



Known Issues/Expected Behavior Log:


  1. Nature of ‘Beta’ Tag for Release 1.0
    1. During this introduction phase, any unsupported devices or dashboard cards in the Iris Web Portal will have a beta tag which is shown as an "i". This beta tag means that these features are currently being developed and are NOT fully functional.