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What's new with Iris

Community Manager

What's new with Iris

Hi guys,


We haven't posted release notes here for a little while, so I wanted to give a brief overview/review of some things that have been new with Iris in the past couple months. 


Apps and Web 


- Android: New easier to use flow when adding a hub

- iOS: Support for full screen resolution on iPhone X

- iOS: General enhancements to improve speed and stability throughout the app

- iOS: Support for TouchID and FaceID added. Optionally, you can now require Face or Touch ID when you launch the app for an added level of security. This feature can be turned on in Settings->Profile->Touch or Face ID

- More accurate reporting (in the Iris mobile apps and web UI) of the space used by videos

- Web: You can now pair hubs and several popular devices via the webUI

- Web: Addition of MyLowe's Dicount for Pro Monitoring. Save 10% on your Pro Monitoring by being a MyLowe's customer.

- iOS: Bug fix; more reliability when adding and removing Favorites

- Android: Bug fix; rare circumstances where video streaming would not begin have been addressed

- All UIs: Numerous bug fixes and stability enhancements


Platform and Device Support


- Support for Leviton devices

- Support for Sylvania Smart+ lights

- Support for Kwikset 912 and 888 door locks

- Support for GE 1000 Watt in-wall dimmer switch

- Support for the B2.00 model of the AOSmith Hot Water Heater

- Support for additional models of Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats

- Enhanced support for Google Home...We have added support to Google Home for automatically recognizing when new devices have been added or removed from your Iris system. In order to take advantage of this new functionality, you may need to unlink and re-link Google to your Iris account under "Home Control" in your Google Home app.



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Re: What's new with Iris

Would it be possible to make the Premium ($9.99) service eligible for this discount as well?

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Re: What's new with Iris

Can you confirm that 4G LTE modem now provides 7 days of service/month as opposed to 3 days? I talked to two yech support people last Sunday and they mentioned it was now 7 days.
As mentioned by Jeff909, having %10 off on premium plan ($9.99) as well as 4G LTE cellular if you use them it separate from premium ($7.99).

Community Manager

Re: What's new with Iris

That is correct about the cellular modem. 


We don't currently have plans to provide a MyLowe's discount for Premium (as opposed to ProMon) but we are always looking at options to increase value for our customers.