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Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

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Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

A recent experience leaves me feeling queasy about the efficacy of the Professional Monitoring service. On a recent morning, some Christmas decorations caught fire at 6:43 am. I missed a call from the monitoring service at 6:44. They didn't call the FD until 6:48 (I checked the FD records later). The decorations were removed safely by us, but the house was filled with smoke and sirens for a while. I kept trying to call the monitoring service back to cancel the FD call, but for almost 15 minutes (until 6:57), my calls went to voicemail. After several failed attempts to reach the service, I finally called the FD directly and let them know, but they had dispatched two trucks which showed up some minutes later.

Two things trouble me:

1) Why the five minute delay when they couldn't reach me? When I used a wired monitored system, we burned something on the stove and the call went out to the FD immediately, with the trucks practically at my door 5 minutes later. Minutes count.

2) It is unacceptable for the monitoring service to be unavailable for an extended length of time. When I finally reached the service, the FD trucks were just arriving, so I didn't have long to "chat", but the excuse for being placed on hold for so long was that they provide services to several different companies and they were having a busy night.

I've expressed dissatisfaction to a Tier 1 CSR with promises they would run it up the chain but I've heard nothing back. I was encouraged to post on the blog to better bring attention to the issue. Wow.  Poor show.


Re: Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

This is the exact reason when I moved I re-hooked up my CPI Alarm system.  Just couldn't bring myself to trusting my family's life or my life on something like this.  What if you actually had a full house fire and you weren't home?  I have seen houses completely destroyed in the 5 minutes they wasted. Not trying to knock Iris on this, but this is something that needs to be handled correctly the first time, no excuse is good enough for not answering the phone on the first ring!  This makes me feel like I made the right choice to keep home automation and security on separate systems.

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Re: Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

Hi there,


We'd like to connect you with a senior support team member to learn more about what may have caused this. Could you private message us with your contact information and the email associated with your Iris account?


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The Iris Team