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Kudos to the Iris team - We are very happy with the Pro-monitoring. We accidentally set our alarm off Sunday morning and we were promptly called as directed by the monitoring staff, who was professional, pleasent, and understanding. Much better than the other services we have used in the past (ADT & Simplisafe). 


Anyway, for those doubting the quality of the Pro Monitoring...We are happy!


Re: Kudos

Ditto! We have had two false alarms, operator not system error and UCC was calling within seconds. Always pleasant and professional.

Community Manager

Re: Kudos

We're so glad you're enjoying Professional Monitoring. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here. 



The Iris Team.


Re: Kudos

Gosh it's so nice to see positive posts on here! I'm enjoying my monitoring as well! Now that it's monitored, my kid hasn't accidently set it off... haha. So that's a plus! I still think it's the best unheard-of price on the market for all the features and services included! Just need to get my a backup modem and I can take advantage of the cellular back up. 


But that's on my long laundry list of Iris devices I add to almost daily.... haha. Thanks again community members for being awesome!