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Pro Monitoring - Billing???

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Pro Monitoring - Billing???

So I have had the pro monitoring pretty much since it was announced. Have paid my $16 and change with tax. Got an email saying that I can save 10% if I link my MyLowe's account. I went in and did that. I got an email saying I was getting a refund and it would post in 3-5 business days. Great. Except then I checked my account and saw that they charged me, then refunded me, and the refund was less than the charge. I had been charged for my monthly service 5 days prior, so instead of getting a 10% discount, I was charged 7% extra. I emailed billing on April 19th. No response. I emailed again on April 26th. Still no response. WTF guys? You need to fix this and I'm not sitting on the phone for 2 hours!

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Re: Pro Monitoring - Billing???



I would recommend you call Support, 1-855-469-IRIS to get this straightened out. I can promise you won't be on the phone for two hours, in fact there is often zero wait time at all.




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Re: Pro Monitoring - Billing???

They did the same thing to me and I called customer support. They said the it was pro-rated. I told the guy that this was rediculous! You get a discount to only pay extra for that month! Smiley Mad