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Pro Monitoring Rip Off


Re: Pro Monitoring Rip Off

Looks like the community is overwhelmingly on the happy side of pro monitoring.

Re: Pro Monitoring Rip Off

@ajreed88 wrote:

Thanks for your response.


I am not going to take the time to debate the cost of every security companies service. I will leave that for everyone to do for themselves. An Internet search for alarm companies will provide an extensive list of comparable monitoring services for around $20. 

I've spent time researching this and can not find any examples to back up your claims. I have not asked that you "debate the cost of EVERY security company's service". Just one or two examples would be nice. You stated that "The monthly cost of service is about the same as other providers that are willing to provide equipment, installation and monitoring.", yet you are unwilling to provide ANY example, instead saying if we google it we will see... I have done that and from my research (and I've spent HOURS looking for something to back your claims) pretty much every option I can find has a higher monthly rate, requires you purchase equipment, wants you to pay for installation, AND requires a contract (typically 36 months). There are some options that are the same price, but they don't provide the equipment... there are some that do provide the equipment, but they are much more expensive. I've found some that have a very cheap introductory price, but if you read the fine print you have to sign a 36 month contract and the price jumps drastically after the first year. Most of them don't even want to give you prices on their website, and require that you contact them for a quote (however, with further research you can usually find some base pricing for their service on 3rd party websites).
I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying the options you obviously have found are much more elusive than you make them out to be... aparently you need a black belt in Google-fu to find them. I would very much like to know if there is a 20/mo option where they provide free equipment and instalation... it might be something I want to consider.


Re: Pro Monitoring Rip Off

I think you do need to provide a list. Everyone here is telling you that we've done and our own research and we don't see these options. I'm going to flat out say you are wrong. Every one with comparable options (e.g. Abode) cost more for both the product and the monthly support. 


If you want to make a claim, back it up.

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Re: Pro Monitoring Rip Off

I agree with you. The service in general and especially the Pro Monitoring is an absolute bargain.


ADT charged us $45/mon for 2 door sensors and a keypad. In fact I paid $500 just to terminate that contract.


My issue is that I wish there were an open API. The Iris products in general are cheaper than competitors so why keep it so walled off. Even if people do bring other equipment over, you can get them with the subscription fee.