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Schlage BE468 supported status


Schlage BE468 supported status

I'm a very happy Lowes customer. I've spent over $15k with Lowes this year (7.5 months of 2017) So when you started offering professional monitoring, and you showed support for all of the smart home products I own, it seemed like a slam dunk.


I bought the Iris Smart Hub because it was listed as working with the Schlage BE468. It has a picture of the BE468 on the Schlage product support page. It has the unit explicitly listed in the Iris application for support, as shown in the attached screenshot.

When I opened an issue because it wouldn't pair, your technician sat on the phone and kept saying it wasn't listed as a supported model. I pointed out that:

* the model listed on the page was a specific color code, and you had pictures of other colors
* you had a picture of the BE468 
* you explicitly have the unit listed in your application as shown in the picture attached
So when your guy told me that he didn't think it was supported, I pointed out these discrepancies. When he insisted that this one page was the only arbiter, I said look, I don't care how you help me and I'm willing to wait for or test out support that is coming. I wanted to move past this and find what what it would take to get this resolved. Unfortunately your tech inisisted on, time after time, repeating the same nonsense about it not being listed in the right place.
I cannot sit here and listen to someone drone on and on about whether a product listed in your app and sold in your store as works with Iris is actually supported or not. I get it. I acknowledged it. I heard him. I said I'd wait, but I needed to find out what it would take to get fixed. He couldn't stop returning to the same argument over and over again, without addressing your conflicting documentation. And most of all, he showed no interest in helping me. He was 100% dedicated to NOT helping me, and that was 100% of his agenda.
There's two questions here:
  * Who is responsible for what your app says, what your web page shows, and what your store tells me? -- because that's not me
  * Are you interested in helping me get working, or do you want me to go away and leave you alone?
I am willing to be patient, I am willing to work with you on getting things fixed. I'm not willing to be talked down to by your team because of your own information management difficulties. 
I'm not interested in told to screw off when I want to get two products sold to me in the store as working together to actually do so.

If your only motivation is to **edited** me off as a customer, you've succeeded in that.
CC: This letter has been given to my local store manager as well.

Re: only interested in finding ways to not support Lowes customers?

I too, have has the run around with Iris tech support about rather a product (smarthings motion sensor) was a supported device, conflicting info in app and website. I feel your pain.

You need to get to a level two tech support. If you have Twitter, try posting something there. I have gotten a better response from Iris by Lowe's, from a Twitter post.
I hope you get this worked out, it really does suck when you buy an expensive product (lock) and it does not work as attended. I have held off on buying lockd, because I see the troubles others are having.
Community Manager

Re: only interested in finding ways to not support Lowes customers?

Our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. We'd like to look into this further to see why this confusion occurred. Please private message us with your contact information and hub ID so that we may connect you to a senior support team member and look into this further.


Re: only interested in finding ways to not support Lowes customers?

So I was able to figure this out on my own, and frankly it's pretty trivial zwave troubleshooting. Details are at


I am a bit disappointed by your technical support, which attempted to tell me that two zwave radios can't be in the same place, which was something zwave was explicitly designed to handle without difficulty. Please educate your staff about how zwave works, so that they are not giving out nonsense to customers


I now have the Wink hub and the Iris hub sitting less than 2 feet apart, both controlling a variety of devices around the home with absolutely zero difficulty sharing the same radio space.