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Gun Safe

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Gun Safe

I'm trying to work out how to Iris-enable my gun safe. The safe has a small hole in back you can run power in and out of.
Obviously i can do a motion sensor externally, or a camera, or even a proximity open/close switch (useless tho). 
Has any figured a way to make the antenna of a sensor external? 

I'm pretty sure the steel and construction of the safe will block the ZWave signal. Unless, I put a range extender right beside the safe maybe


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Re: Gun Safe

Contact sensor on the safe door exterior?

An interior sensor would be much more difficult although depending on the space available you could put a camera inside (run the ethernet cable and power through the hole in the back).



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Re: Gun Safe

I tried installing one inside a gun safe and it always disconnected a short time after closing the door.  I tried installing a smart plug near the safe with same result.  I ended up installing it on the outside.


Yes, it can be defeated when mounted externally.  You can remove the cover of the battery part of the sensor and run a screw into the safe to help make it more secure.

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Re: Gun Safe

for what is worth, I have mine setup on the outside door frame and paired with a silent care alarm that will call me and notify when the safe is opened.