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How to create this rule for a thermostat

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How to create this rule for a thermostat

I just logged into my iris account and noticed the thermostat set to 60 but the temperature is actually 50.  That tells me that the heat is not working for some reason.  Either its broken or out of propane (it's on a propane tank).  


Is it possible to setup a rule to notify me that the temperature at the thermostat is X degrees lower than it's set point?  That would allow a notification to be sent long before a problem reaches a level where a "temp reached X degrees" notification is sent.  



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Re: How to create this rule for a thermostat

I don't have a thermostat on my Iris system anymore, and I can't remember if you can use it in the temp notification rules.  At the very least you could get you a contact or motion sensor and place it right by the thermostat and use one of the rules to notify you if a temp goes above or below a certain level.


After re-reading your message I realize you know about the rules, but I am pretty sure the temp rules are the only possibility.  

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Re: How to create this rule for a thermostat

The current rules do not have the ability to differeniate between set point and current temp.  Only current temp.  The set point temperature is available to the system because it shows on your dashboard what the thermostat is set to and what the current temp is.  The programmers just need to give us access to that variable in the rule set.


I was hoping someone had figured out a hack to get it and use it.