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How to run Arcus


How to run Arcus

I don't see a thread dedicated to this, so I figured I would start one.


Lowes has published source code on github which is great first step.  However, I don't see any documentation regarding how to run it.


Going back to the announcement from Lowes, I see two references stating that there should be documentation:
Documentation support to help aid members of the community on how to set up Arcus in their preferred cloud solution or locally on user machine

and in the FAQ:
From there you will need to follow provided documentation on how to setup, run, and manage the projects locally or in the cloud. There will be detailed documentation to come from the community administrators on how to do this.
Has anyone been able to locate this documentation?

Re: How to run Arcus

No I am still working on it.

Iris Web Portal

Re: How to run Arcus

Hopefully @thegillion  will get the packages built and running. I still have my V2 hub, keypad,, wirless cameras,  three V2 door/window and motion sensors installed. I'd really like to continue with what I had as it worked best for our needs.


I can hold out until the summer when Kasa releases their new wireless cameras, add Wink for the alarm sensor connections.