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IRIS Indoor camera

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IRIS Indoor camera

purchased two IRIS Indoor cameras from lowes, went to install the cameras and pair them to the system and after a very frustrating hour of trying to pair the cameras(followed pairing instructions, reset cameras, reset hub) finally cave and call IRIS support to try and get them connected.  after going through and reseting camera and hub with representative, he asks for the model number on the back, on camera has RC8221 and the other has RC8221D.  was informed that neither one of those were supported by IRIS. ??? not supported by IRIS?  they are IRIS Exclusive cameras, purchased at lowes in an IRIS box!  Was then informed to take them back to store and return them.  Its stuff like this that makes me seriously contemplate switching to another system.


info on the cameras,

camera one:

model:RC8221 serial:1401ywt003491

camera two:

model:RC8221D serial: 1311ywt011873


i would like to know if these are honestly not compatible and if they are not then why are they being sold as an IRIS camera?


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Re: IRIS Indoor camera

The support rep was wrong, these cameras are compatible.  However, IMO if they cost you more than $25 each, you paid too much.



To get it to pair you probably just need to reset the camera and start over.