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Iris Web Portal Fix.

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

Just talked with tech support. My take is... the winner is no longer the system with the greatest compatibility, or the system that goes out of its way to be most helpful. That's old school.  It's 2018, and this is about business.  I'm guessing if Iris wants to update the functionalty of their app or web offering to match what was available through the "unofficial" portal, they will have to pay big bucks, or some type of royalty to it's author.  I'm also guessing that Lowes corporate is saying NO WAY, just like they have to marketing the Iris brand within Lowes stores, compared to other offerings.  There are two sides to every argument and both sides must agree to do what is best for the consumer, do what is best for their bottom line, or walk away leaving the customer to sort it out for themselves.

Walk into any Lowes, then into any Home Depot, and you'll see which way this is going.  It's a balancing act. Money vs Reputation.


Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

Yes bring it back.

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

This portal was the only thing that didn't suck about Iris. If this doesn't get fixed, I want my money back Lowe's.

Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

I'm really missing the history export now. Monitoring my house whilst i'm away is essential to me and is quite impossible with the worse-than-useless 'History' screen provided by '.irisbylowes'. When you've invested in a multitude of Iris devices there are so many events that just observing a screen is no where near adequate.

!The export history provided by the Web-Portal has no substitute!


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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

We already know how good Lowe's is at breaking cr@p, i.e.,

* Iris support for Blue Line Power Monitors,

* Iris support for 3G modems,

* Iris support for Version 1 Range Extenders,

* Iris support for Version 1 HTML Web Interface,

* Iris support for Version 1 Operating System

* Iris support for Version 1 Hubs,

* Iris support for Version 1 "Groups",

to name but a few examples.  We know you're good at that, like it or not.

Now it would appear (by your silence on the matter) that you have intentionally gone out of your way to divert precious resources in order to break the one thing you had absolutely no stake in creating, that actually made your products work better and made them somewhat more appreciated by your customerbase? 

What on GOD's Green Earth are you people thinking?

You should have hired thegillion to help you fix this mess but instead you have chosen tvillianize him as a security threat and allienated his flock?

Are you people high on **edited**?

Would you prefer if we all just scrapped our Iris products and moved to something else to relieve the pressure on your hardware and software developement teams and product managment?  

Please tell us what you're logic is here because we're all standing out here second guessing you and thinking you're loosing your grip or something worse cause all your giving us is CRICKETS!. 

Let us know what we can do to help you right the ship and get back on course, PLEASE! 


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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

Seems obvious they have no intention of restoring the access for John's web portal.


As was said earlier money talks now-a-days. It's all about the bottom line.


So time to start talking I guess.


You are all aware probably by now that SmartThings supportsw almost all Iris branded devices, so it should not be difficult to move them over to a ST hub. Especially if we support each other offering technical help on the Living With Iris Forum (not THIS one).


Get your stuff moved over and running, then cancel your Iris subscription, and let your money do the talking, or loss of income to Lowes in this case.


If money is all they know, then it's time to talk money, and take ours where it gets some respect.

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

Take a look at SmartThings reliability track record though before deciding to invest money and time, to make sure you are willing to have that amount of issues.

They do a good job of notifying when there is an issue and what to expect but it happens frequently.

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

I have to join the chorus here ---- the 'unofficial' portal put up by one of your most loyal customers ( @thegillion) is a much more useful user interface than the official web site. I am, once again, deeply disappointed by Lowes. After the debacle around the move to V2 and the poor way that has been handled, with many of the original V1 functions not included, and no web based portal, I was seriously considering moving to another system, 


Our Iris system is installed in a 'seasonal home' which can sit empty for several months between visits. Without the ability to see actual battery life instead of just 'OK' I have no idea which ones to replace before closing the door for anything between a few weeks and six months. Without the signal strength and detailed history info I have great difficutly finding and fixing faults. 


I was about to subscribe to the full monitoring service, which I have avoided until recently because of mylack of confidence in the system. But the '' site and what seems to be more stability in the overall system, I was going to commit to making this our main emergency monitoring system. Now I don't see how I can trust Lowes with my house.  This is the second time you have deeply disappointed me and may well be the last. PLEASE undo the changes you have made which have rendered this web portal provided at no cost by a very supportive user unusable now, before you lose even more customers. 

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Re: Iris Web Portal Fix.

Please fix this...