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Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!


Re: Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!


My issue was not related to my internet being down. My internet was fine. My issue was that my keypad and all my sensors were offline and I did not know it (or was notified at all) until me and my family were going out the door to an appointment in the morning (My lights were still online with Iris). So rushing out the door, I could not arm the house with the keypad and I could not arm the house with the app nor did I have time to reset everything. So my home was not protected for 5 hours. (I posted pics on previous linked of what message I got when I tried arming the house with app) What if my kids came home from school and they came into the house and could not disarm the alarm because sensors and keypads were offline? (They are too young for cell phones so they don’t have the app).
As for Ring I got cameras that work at night and day with motion. Sometimes they are too sensitive that I have to lessen the zone areas. Zero issues I had in 11 months. Same with smartthings. Zero issues as well in 4 months (which I replaced with Iris...for now).
I will bank on Ring and trust their products. It is and can’t be any worse of what I’m going through right now. As for Abode, I would trust them to. Also you do have automation with Abode, it will depend on what brand you use it with.
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Re: Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!

Let us know which you end up going with and what you think of it.  Thanks.

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Re: Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!

I definitely will. As for now I still have Iris. It’s only 4 weeks old. But since Saturday afternoon when I was going through those issues, I was able to arm the house and EVERYTHING is working since then. EVERYTHING was working the mid week for two days after having some issues the prior weekend. (I was getting help from someone here in the forum. Very helpful). Then this happened. So we will see how long it lasts. I like the system but it’s been a lot these last 4 weeks with it. I have never been through anything like this before and I have been in full cooperation with tech support as they walked me through and has seen my settings. I put in the features request forum asking if it’s possible to get push notifications when ever an update goes through in advance so we can prepare for things like this(if that’s what’s causing sensors and keypads to go offline). But, if/when I do jump ship, I will keep you posted.

Re: Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!

@Zone23 wrote:
This is a link to anothe forum I was getting help with Iris issue. Thanks all that has helped. But Ring or Abode is going to replace this Iris product. This not reliable system.
Really frustrated now! I have to leave my house unarmed because my family and I have an even to go to at 9:30am!

when I endeavor to single tick that mode. I likewise can utilize the telephone or the keyfob(s) on the off chance that I pick. Bunches of alternatives for me contrasted with my past SimpliSafe framework, or the framework before that (nearby wired framework) which offered keypad as it were.

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Re: Iris is been by returned! Enough is enough!

I must be lucky.  I run 71 devices across the full range in my home.   I have been with IRIS for many years ()since the beginning) and have had no real issues.  The only frustrating recurring issue I have had over all those years is my cameras dropping off.  But, once I changed my internet provider and upgraded my wifi device, even the cameras are working perfect (the cameras run off the wifi system). 


IRIS is a DIY system--sometimes I wonder if the system issues people experience are user or wifi issues.  There is definatley  a learning curve with IRIS.   Also, you need to have enough smart plugs in your home to ensure the devices can conect to each other via the zigbee or zwave network.  Early on, I did have a device in a far room drop a few times. Once I added a smart plug betwen my IRIS hub and that sensor, no issues.