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Lowes refund quirk.

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Lowes refund quirk.

While sad to seet Iris go, I've been impressed at the financial side of things to fund the transfer of the system up to the confirmation email I received after signing off on the agreement.  Throughout the refund process it was alluded that the payments would go right out with an email to track it. After doing the refund the email confirmation said this:


"You agree to accept a Visa Prepaid Card as tender of your redemption, and that we may issue and initiate delivery of your Visa Prepaid Card within a reasonable period of time, which may occur after March 31, 2019 but no longer than one (1) year from the date We are able to validate your submission in its entirety"


Lowes stubs their toe again. This was an easy, slow pitch for me to not **edited** but here I am. I hope I'm not waiting for a year.




Re: Lowes refund quirk.

So the question is - Has anyone received notification their redemption card is on the way? It will be interesting to see when they start going out! 

Over on the "livingwithiris" site some folks said they spoke to CS and were told 2-4 weeks after filling out form.