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Rule with two conditions

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Rule with two conditions

Can anyone advise please?

Is there a rule that allows two conditions ?


I get a NOTIFICATION when the (patio) Door Sensor is open for more than a specified period (set at 60 minutes).

I can SCHEDULE temperature control setting for my Thermostat, and, -

I can switch on a SMART PLUG when the patio MOTION SENSOR reaches 85F.


But what i want to do is stop trying to use my AC to cool the neighborhood, so, -

If the patio door is open for more than 60 mins AND its hotter than 85F on the Patio Motion Sensor TURN OFF the Thermostat.


Does anyone have any idea if/how this is possible ?





Frequent Contributor

Re: Rule with two conditions

I’m looking for this as well! I was told by tech support that it is not possible but wouldn’t it be great? Hoping the ability to do so will come soon!