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Schlage Connect switch from Iris to Samsung Smart Things Success


Schlage Connect switch from Iris to Samsung Smart Things Success

FINALLY!   Tried hours yesterday and was going to call support today for Samsung Smart Things, they are closed on Sunday. 


I FINALLY got the thing done! 


I went to the Schlage support website and found the instructions to do the Exclusion for the Lock and then add the Samsung.  

You do have to do the Exclusion thru the Samsung Smart Things Hub first.   You do it almost the same way you do the install.   Go outside to the exterior of the lock.  Press the “Schlage” button, the 6 digit programming code and “0” while you are also having the Samsung app do the Exclusion.   You get to the Z-Wave Exclusion by going to the Hub on the app, click on the 3 small dots on the upper right corner and select “Z-Wave Utilities” and then click the wording under that for Exclusion.   

Hopefully you get a green check mark and the screen on your iPad or phone or whatever device you are using to access the Smart Things Hub will show that it did successfully exclude the device.   

Now you can follow almost the same steps on the lock while pairing the lock to the Smart Things Hub. 

Go back on your screen to add the device and select Schlage, lock, and Schlage Z-wave and then press the “Schlage” button on the outside of the lock, the 6 digit code and “0”.    If all goes well, it will pair.   Took me two times to get it to pair but very quickly.  



WIll do another post about the GoControl Thermostat