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if you want geolocation and automation...


if you want geolocation and automation...

I really think this picture says it all. Abode does out of the box things we always dreamed Iris would do...


Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.21.34 PM.png




Re: if you want geolocation and automation...

Abode looks interesting especially with the CUE feature that was added at the end of last year.They seem to be bringing together both security and HA.Some better camera options and energy monitoring would be nice additions. I wish the main HUB was wifi so I wouldn't be restricted to my router location for ethernet cable connection. I do see the iota all in one version does have this ability though not sure I want a camera snapping pics constantly as a result of desired placement.  What HUB did you get? Do you know if the iota camera can be set to work during specific times through CUE?  I need to take a closer look at ABODE as it looks pretty user friendly!