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Access to Advanced Device Configuration Needed

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Access to Advanced Device Configuration Needed

I just installed more GE Smart Switches and Dimmers into my Home.  For some reason, the new Dimmer would change Parameters on the LED indicator (located on the Smart Dimmer) EVERY TIME I paired it to the Iris Hub.  I researched online and found several mentions of this glitch, in several forums, and saw many solutions posted, for several different types of Smart Hubs, but NO SOLUTIONS for the Iris Hub.

    Upon further research, I discovered that other Hubs (i.e. the SmartThings Hub) have Advanced Configuration Menus for the Added Devices and allow you to change the Parameters on the Devices (Like the LED Parameters, etc.).

    I had to call Iris Support and had to change the LED Parameters on my Dimmer Switch remotely.  It only took them 5 seconds to do it, and it worked perfectly, after that.

   If Iris Support is able to access the Device Parameters on my Devices, through my Hub, from their Facitlity, then that means that they have access to the Configuration Menus, for our Devices....and WE DON'T???


Iris needs to add these features to their App, AND/OR Release an Advanced PC Interface for our Hubs that we can install on our Computers, to allow US the Same Access to OUR Device Configurations, that they have.


I realize that Iris is probably afraid that people will go in and mess up the Configurations on their Devices and then be calling in to Support to fix their Screw-Ups, but that's just the Nature of the Beast.

    There are those of us, that want MORE CONTROL over our Devices, and Iris simply doesn't give that option to us.

   Other Smart Hubs allow you to change the Ramp Settings on the Dimmers and to Create Interactive Parameters and Rules, which means that Iris needs to step up its game, and give that same Control to its Customers.

     I love my Iris, and I probably won't switch... BUT... if I had known about this Difference between Iris and other Hubs, when I originally purchased?  I would have definitlely gone with the Smart Hub that gives its User the most Advanced Controls possible.

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Re: Access to Advanced Device Configuration Needed

Look in the feature request section.  There is a feature suggestion for this.  In fact under V1 you could change it but they never implemented it V2.

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Re: Access to Advanced Device Configuration Needed

I didn't know support could change them.   I'm going to call them and have them chage a dozen or so.

Re: Access to Advanced Device Configuration Needed

Have you tried this 

Iris Web Portal