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Camera sensitivity

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Camera sensitivity

I now have three homes with Iris systems. Two with outside cameras.  They are good if you want to scan. But the sensitivity has the cameras recording any movement.  Could be nothing the wind blowing the trees etc.  Honeywell has on their system the ability to spot monitor.  When setting up you can move three targets around and set the spots you want the camera to record when motion is within the boxes.  This allows you to eliminate the street, trees etc and focus on driveway etc.  I have posted this before. I would hope you readers would all go nuts on the Iris development team and tell them this is common sense.  Please help me get this to them.  


Re: Camera sensitivity  Double click the gear Smiley Happy Iris will get there.

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Re: Camera sensitivity

I returned my two Iris cameras, I was using outdoors . I got my $330 dollars back and invested it in another camera system. It is nice to try to keep my devices on one system, but outdoor cameras, just where not working for me. Indoor they are fine.

I would consider going back to Iris cameras once the cameras improve. When I returned mine, they said the model I had was discontinued ( I just bought it in June, so hopefully new ones will be coming soon. Smiley Happy
I tried the Gillion portal adjustments, I just could not get one of the cameras to save them. Hopefully you have more luck.