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Garage Door Opener Issue

Garage Door Opener Issue

With the IRIS garage door opener installed, paired, and linked to a scene, the following occurs:

1.  Opening and closing from the app works fine;

2.  Opening and closing from the scene works fine;

3.  Closing from the car remote or the wall controller works fine;

4.  Opening from the car remote or the wall controller...the door raises halfway then stops...pressing the car remote or the wall controller again starts the door down...immediately pressing one of the manual remotes again sends the door to the full open position.

5.  When the garage door opener is removed from a scene, the garage door operates normally from both manual remotes and the IRIS app.


This IRIS garage door opener was installed a couple of years ago and operated normally even when it was part of scene.  The issue began occuring about a year ago and several calls to tech support did not resolve it.  It appears this is a software issue as removing it from a scene (ie., Arriving Home) resolved the issue.