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Gen 3?


Re: Gen 3?

jorhett wrote:


Your understanding is correct Terk, the only wrinkle is that technically the Nyce Tilt Sensor is actually a certified device (the only one that doesn't participate in local alarm processing).

Schlage locks are certified devices too. They don't have any Internet cloud api, and yet their presence on the hub means no local processing of any kind. Because you have to ship the Zwave communications over the Internet for fun?

This is not true.  I have two Schlage deadbolt locks and local processing is working on my system.  From reading your other post, I would say your issue is due to having your Schlage lock paired to two controllers at the same time.  A Z-Wave node can only be paired to one hub which becomes the designated primary controller.  Secondary controllers added to the primary controller will just act as a relay remote control.  Since you have your lock paired to both Iris and Wink I have to question which is acting as the primary controller?

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Re: Gen 3?

Hi Jorhett,


Schlage locks are indeed certified Works With Iris devices and they do not have local hub processing support. This doesn't affect the local processing support for alarms; it is quite possible to have Schlage locks in your system happily co-existing with local processing for alarms. To clarify, the local processing is for the alarm system - i.e. if the hub is offline, the alarm system will operate locally (sirens going off, etc).


Hope this helps,



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Re: Gen 3?

That's why you put your IRIS hub and your wi-fi router on a UPS, in the event the power goes out. 

Your camera's should also be on the UPS system and you should consider a USB Modem as well.


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Re: Gen 3?


I wouldn't hold ur breath on gen 3 gen 1 was a way better system and gen 2 was just a downgrade from it losing so many features.  Your better off looking at other systems that offer self monitoring and offline services in case some burglar cuts your power cause Iris systems are useless once power or Internet is cut!

I'm trying to figure out why this forum is allowing you to consistently troll negative, instead of providing real solutions.  You are adding nothing to the conversation in any of your post. Adding a UPS system and/or autobackup generator solves the power issues you discuss.  But that is not the point.  You obviously work for a competitior judging by your posts.


Please either help or move on and stop trolling!